ICVFM2021 Proceedings (pdf)


Programme and Book of Abstracts (pdf)

Reference time zone is that in Patras, Greece (EEST, GMT+3)

1st Day

Monday, October 11th, 2021

11:00-11:20 Welcome

  SESSION 1                      Chair: Prof. Nikolai Kornev
Keynote Presentation
Vortex induced vibrations in aerodynamics
Spyros Voutsinas

Sinusoidally heaving airfoil on an elastic hinge
Yaroslav Dynnikov, Galina Dynnikova, Sergey Guvernyuk and Tatyana Malakhova
Resonant vortex-wake forces on circular cylinders
Efstathios Konstantinidis
A Computer Aided Optimizing Design for Drone Rotors
Daichi Yoshidome and Norihiko Watanabe
On the Vortex Method for Modeling a Separated Flow of an Inviscid Fluid
Alexey Setukha

13:20-13:40 Break

  SESSION 2                      Chair: Prof. Thrassos Panidis
Calculation of pressure, force, and moment in meshless vortex methods
Galina Dynnikova
Interpolating Vortex Particle Methods using Splines Wavelets
Matthias Kirchhart
Effect of Froude number on the motion of a sphere launched vertically upward in water
Kotaro Takamure and Tomomi Uchiyama
Analytical Description of the Vortex Ring Induced by a Ring Plume
Maria Stefanidou, Aristeidis Bloutsos, George Horsch, Athanassios Dimas and Panayotis Yannopoulos
Flow visualization of transitional channel flow with polymer additive
Sattaya Yimprasert, Per Henrik Alfresdsson and Masaharu Matsubara
Micropolar Theory on Turbulence Modulation
George Sofiadis, Evangelos Karvelas and Ioannis Sarris

15:40-16:00 Break

  SESSION 3                      Chair: Prof. Spyros Voutsinas
Keynote Presentation
Vortices interacting with smart materials and structures: the case of energy harvesting
Oleg Goushcha/Yannis Andreopoulos

2nd Day

Tuesday, October 12th, 2021

  SESSION 4                      Chair: Prof. Bin Chen
Keynote Presentation
Empirical Predictive Method for Two-Phase Flow Condensation Heat Transfer in Plain Channels
Xiande Fang
Keynote Presentation
Flow and Control of Some Jets and Separated Flows
Toshihiko Shakouchi

12:20-12:40 Break

  SESSION 5                      Chair: Prof. Alexei Setukha
Experimental study on the heat transfer characteristics and frequency control of flashing spray cooling under varying operating conditions
Shangming Wang, Zhifu Zhou and Bin Chen
Influence of the inlet local annular swirling zone on an axisymmetric turbulent jet
Yevhenii Shkvar, Shiju E, Dmytro Redchyts and Svitlana Moiseienko
Experimental Study on Coaxial Swirling Jets
Andreas Naxakis, Alexandros Romeos, Athanasios Giannadakis and Thrassos Panidis
Patient-Specific Diastolic Vortex Flow Patterns in the Left Ventricle
Dimitrios Zantzas, Vasileios Gkoutzamanis, Vasiliki Kantartzi, Vasileios Saxpeckidis and Anestis Kalfas

14:00-14:20 Break

  SESSION 6                      Chair: Dr. Alexandros Romeos
Hot-wire measurement of asymptotic characteristics of lobed jet flow
Ren Fukui, Mamoru Takahashi, Koichi Tsujimoto, Toshitake Ando, Tishihiko Shakouchi and Ryuichi Momiyama
Vortex Structure Produced by a Sweeping Jet in a Cross Flow
Masaki Fuchiwaki, Eisei Kobayashi and Surya Raghu
Supersonic Under-Expanded Reattached Jet with Vortex Region
Tetsuji Ohmura, Toshihiko Shakouchi, Ryota Matsui and Koichi Tsujimoto
Fundamental Study on Design Methodology of a Solar Car Considering Aerodynamic and Power Generation Performance
Arata Muto, Ichiro Uto, Kota Fukuda, Kouhei Sagawa and Hideki Kimura
Study on Drag Reduction of Superstructure of Ships and Improvement of Fuel Consumption
Kodai Fukushima, Kota Fukuda, Takao Kashiwagi, Takashi Danno, Koeki Onishi and Koyu Kimura

3rd Day

Wednesday, October 13th, 2021

  SESSION 7                      Chair: Prof. Tomomi Uchiyama
Keynote Presentation
Mitigating Aircraft Wake Vortex Risks During Final Approach via Plate Lines
Frank Holzäpfel

Comparison of Synthetic Inflow Generation Methods for Atmospheric Boundary Layer Flows
Henry Plischka, Johann Turnow and Nikolai Kornev
Identification and Analysis of vortical structures over an airliner’s wing-fuselage junction
Stylianos Adamidis and Nicholas C. Markatos
Vortex Dynamics Effects on the Development of a Confined Wake and a Channel Flow in a Rectangular Duct Under Identical Inlet Flow Conditions
Ioannis Kalogirou
The Numerical Simulation of the Vortex Shedding Flow from Two Circular Cylinders of the Parallel Arrangement in the Lock-in State in the Different Mode
Yoshifumi Yokoi

13:00-13:20 Break

  SESSION 8                      Chair: Prof. Xiande Fang
Turbulent channel flow past a wall-mounted cuboid
Ariane Neale Ramos Vieira, Hendrik Kuhlmann, Johann Waringer, Carina Zittra, Jan Martini, Simon Vitecek and Stephan Handschuh
Numerical Investigation of a Backward Facing Step Flow Controlled by a Synthetic Jet
Dionysia Voultsou, Alexandros Romeos, Alexandros Kalarakis and Athanasios Giannadakis
An experimental study on the wake of a sphere having a uniaxial through-hole
Hayato Kato, Kotaro Takamure and Tomomi Uchiyama
Vortical systems, generated by Darrieus and Savonius Rotors
Dmytro Redchyts, Svitlana Moiseienko, Yevhenii Shkvar and Shiju E
The assessment of the impact of turbulence generated by wind turbines planned for construction in close proximity of high voltage power transmission lines on the wind farm location problems
Waldemar Kamrat
Vortical flows in the wake of bluff bodies and their role in flame anchoring.
Georgios Paterakis, Konstantinos Souflas, Evangelos Panagiotis Mitsopoulos, Eleni Manouskou and Panagiotis Koutmos

15:20-15:40 Closing remarks