PreRecorded  presentations

As announced in the acceptance mail of the  9th International Conference on Vortex Flow Mechanics – ICVFM 2021, the conference flow will be based on prerecorded oral presentations.

The time slot for keynote presentations will be 40 minutes, including discussion. A limit of 35 minutes for the keynote itself is suggested.

The time slot for oral presentations will be 20 minutes, including discussion. A limit of 15 minutes for each presentation is suggested.

Please submit the presentation video by the end of September 2021, in mp4 format. The file name should include the paper number and the speaker’s name. The video file (mp4) should be sent to the conference secretariat ( via We Transfer ( or by sharing it in the cloud.

Guidance on preparing the prerecorded presentation file can be found in “Record a slide show with narration and slide timings” and similar web pages. A video channel with the speaker, can be also added, using the buttons at the lower right side of the recording screen.